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Who sells skylights?


Skylights can be purchased through a variety of box stores, online retailers, or through an installer.

Box Stores That Sell Skylights

  • Lowes 
  • Home Depot 
  • ABC Supply

Online Retailers That Sell Skylights

  • Amazon
  • Roofing4US
  • Skylights For Less

Which Is Cheaper

Depending on your specific skylight project, it may be cheaper to go with an installer or purchase one yourself. If you are doing the installation yourself (which is not recommended unless you have advanced DIY skills), you are going to save money on labor costs as you are not paying for an installer. If you are doing a large skylight project with multiple skylights and an installer may be worth it.

Average DIY Cost

  • $1,370 per skylight

Average Professional Installed Cost

  • $1,895 per skylight

Average Cost Range

  • $1,250 – $2,900 per skylight

Pros and Cons of Buying Through an Installer

Using an installer for your skylight purchase is the most common and for good reason. 


  • A professional installs your skylight for you – The best part about using an installer is that you can sit back and let the pros do the work. An installer will come to your home and offer professional insight on the placement, size, and design of your skylight.
  • The skylight is less likely to leak – Skylight installers are your best option to ensure your skylight doesn’t leak over time. They have years of experience and may even be certified by a skylight manufacturer to install their specific skylights. 
  • More robust warranty coverage – When installed by a trained skylight installer, your skylights are more likely to remain protected under the most robust warranty coverage. DIY installations are more likely to result in voided warranties.
  • Less time consuming – Through years of experience, professional skylight installers can install a skylight quickly as they have experience in it. Depending on the type of skylight, an average installation with a skilled installer typically takes 1-3 days.
  • Professional advice – Installers can offer expert insight to ensure that you are happy with your skylight size, design, and placement.


  • More expensive – Having a professional install your skylight will cost you on average, $525 more than if you were to install it yourself. 
  • Contractors in and out of your home – Some skylight installations require an installer to do drywall work on the inside of your home which could be a nuisance if you work from home.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Skylight Through an Online Retailer or Box Store 


  • Cheaper overall – Buying and installing a skylight yourself will save you on average $525 as you do not have to pay labor fees for an installer. 


  • More likely to leak – Installing a skylight is not an easy process as you must cut a hole in your roof and install the proper flashing to ensure that it does not leak over time. Having a professional roofer who has experience installing skylights is ideal. 
  • Requires special tools and advanced DIY skills – A skylight installation requires specially designed tools that may not be in the everyday homeowner’s toolbox. Advanced knowledge of carpentry and roofing is also required to install a skylight. 
  • Warranty coverage may not be guaranteed – If skylights are installed incorrectly or not according to the manufacturer’s specific instructions, the warranty can be voided. Skylight installers are trained to ensure this won’t happen. 

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