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Do skylights come with warranty?


Many skylight models are available today with good, comprehensive warranties to ensure they last as long as possible. What sort of coverage can you expect in a skylight warranty? Here are some different types of warranties that skylight brands offer.

Leak Warranty

For deck-mounted and curb-mounted skylights, select skylight brands offer up to 10 years of protection against any leaks your skylight may incur. This confident warranty is backed by the fact that modern skylights rarely leak if properly installed. That means that, generally, warranties of this type are void if they are installed incorrectly or without all factory parts.

Hail Warranty

Skylight manufacturers make their skylights with very strong and safe glass, which is why a warranty for protection against hail damage is commonly offered. This type of glass also generally needs to meet certain standards to be protected under home insurance warranties. Skylight hail warranties can last up to 10 years, offering full coverage for replacing your glass if it were to break because of hail.

Defect Warranty

For skylights, including tubular skylights, a defect warranty up to 20 years is typically offered to cover any issues or obstructions your skylight may encounter due to manufacturing defects or improper installation.

Whatever coverage your skylight qualifies for, you’ll want to read the entirety of your warranty to make sure you understand what is covered.

Skylight and Roof Warranties

If you already have existing skylights, it is often worth it to coincide your roof and skylight warranties by replacing your skylights when you re-roof. Regardless of their age, skylights can sustain frame damage during roof replacements that leads to leaks. It may also be a requirement of your roof warranty that the skylights be replaced at the same time to ensure your entire roof system is securely installed.

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