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Who installs skylights?


Skylights can be installed either by a roofing company, a dedicated skylight installation company, or a certified contractor. The best option is to use a company that deals solely with skylight installations as they are certified by the manufacturer and able to complete any kind of complex installation. While you can also install skylights yourself, roofers, skylight installers, and contractors have typically gone through specific training to install your skylights.

Who Should Install My Skylight?

Depending on where you live, you may have many options for who can install your skylights. So, how do you decide which option is the best? Research local skylight installers, roofers, and certified contractors, including reading their reviews, to ensure you find the best match for your installation.

Skylight Installers

A skylight installer is a company dedicated to skylight installations. This kind of company will complete full-service projects ranging from a single skylight installation to more complex skylight jobs. They have likely received certifications exclusively for installing skylights and have the knowledge to assist in any skylight project you may have. They can also give good design tips before your installation.

Roofers and Certified Contractors

Roofing companies and certified contractors that specialize in a variety of roofing and home building projects may also be certified to install skylights. They are great options for skylight installation in locations without dedicated skylight installation companies.

Should I DIY My Skylight Installation?

While it can be done, it’s best to avoid installing a skylight yourself. Advanced roofing and carpentry skills are needed for new skylight cut-ins. Leaving your skylight installation to the professionals is the best way to ensure that your skylight meets all your local building codes, won’t not leak over time, and qualifies for the manufacturer’s warranty in case anything goes wrong during or post-installation.

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