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Are Skylights Covered by Insurance?


In general, as long as your skylight abides by certain standards specified by your insurance company and was properly installed, your HOI will cover any needed repairs on it as it is part of your roof. 

Homeowners insurance focuses more on the hazard that caused damage rather than the roof itself. Because of this, skylights are rarely mentioned in HOI policies. As long as your skylight is properly installed and meets certain standards, it is treated just like the rest of your roof. 

Homeowners insurance will generally not cover damage that was caused by poor installation or neglect. 

Common Hazards Homeowners Insurance Will Cover 

Assuming your skylight was properly installed and meets certain standards specified by your insurance company, HOI will typically cover the cost to repair damage caused by: 

  • Severe weather such as hurricanes, tornados, and hail 
  • Heavy snowfall or ice 
  • Fire and smoke
  • Debris such as tree branches 

Keep in mind every insurance company is different in what they cover and there are certain exclusions that may come with your policy. Be sure to review your policy every year to find out if additional coverage is required for your skylight. 

Will Insurance Cover a Leaking Skylight

Most HOI policies will cover a leaking skylight depending on the cause. As we mentioned before, HOI policies are great at covering leaks caused by hazards, but will typically not cover skylights that were poorly installed or neglected. 

To ensure your insurance company will cover a leaky skylight be sure it adheres to your insurance company’s installation requirements. This typically means the skylight needs to be installed properly by a certified installer and is purchased through a credible vendor to be covered. 

Skylight Warranties 

 The nice part about skylights is that they are often covered by product warranties sponsored by the manufacturer. For example, some companies offer warranties covering leaks that can span up to ten years. Not only that, but most skylight companies will also have a hazard warranty for their product as well. 

Keep in mind, in order to capitalize on these warranties your skylight needs to be installed by a certified installer and adhere to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. If your skylight was not installed properly, the manufacturer will not cover any damage or leaks that your skylight may incur. 

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