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Do Skylights Have Shades?


Yes! Skylights do have compatible shades that are easy to install, affordable, and do a great job of blocking out that summer heat if you live in warm climates.

Because skylights do have shades that can be attached, it is not recommended to cover your skylight with any kind of window tint or exterior cover. Modern shades can block out most if not all, incoming light if needed.

Everything You Need to Know About Skylight Shades

Skylight shades can be offered in a variety of different colors and styles to fit your needs. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about shades and how to get them.

Solar Powered vs. Electric Shades

Electric shades are battery-powered and can open and close automatically at the touch of a button.

Solar-powered shades use a small solar panel attached to the shade to open and close automatically. Solar shades are usually a more affordable option because they come with a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit that you can take advantage of.

Manual Shades are typically only available for roof windows or skylights that are within reach. Manual shades do not open and close automatically, nor do they come with a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit.

Different Types of Skylight Shades

There are three main shades that offer different light-filtering capabilities:

Blackout shades offer a flat fabric without any pleats that offer total room-darkening, great for bedrooms or areas that require complete darkness.

Room-darkening shades are one step below blackout, darkening a room but not blacking it out completely. Made with a double-pleated fabric.

Light-filtering shades diffuse incoming light, making it less harsh and softer. These shades are great for living rooms or kitchens.


Each skylight brand is different, but most offer an extensive catalog of colors that can fit the needs of just about any space.

Do I Need to Reach Out to an Installer to Install Skylight Shades?

You can install skylight shades yourself. This may be a good option if your skylight is within reach. If your skylight is out of reach, then it may be best to reach out to an installer. If you purchase shades with your skylight, your installer will install them for you.

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