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Skylight Ideas and Inspiration: Bathroom


Time and time again, bathroom renovations have proven to be a great return on investment (ROI). According to an article published by Fortune Builders, bathrooms rank number one for best rooms to renovate with an average ROI of 102%. That means if you spend $10,500 for a minor bathroom renovation, which is the national average, you are expected to see a return of $10,700 on that bathroom when you resell your home. 

Bathrooms are considered the most important home renovation, but a little goes a long way. See how some minor changes to your bathroom like a skylight or Sun Tunnel can completely transform the way it feels and functions. 

Why Have a Skylight in the Bathroom? 


With a venting skylight, you can keep your bathroom fresh by naturally expelling hot air and steam without having to rely on a noisy electric ceiling fan. Considering hot air rises, a venting skylight is perfect for a bathroom that tends to collect moisture and condensation more than any other room in the house. 


With a venting skylight, you can get all the natural light and fresh air you want without having to sacrifice privacy. You can feel the sun’s warmth and the fresh air on your face while you shower or brush your teeth all while keeping your bathroom ventilated and free of moisture.


Rather than spending the money and time it takes to knock out a wall or extend the shower to add space, think about installing a skylight. A skylight or Sun Tunnel can help add space and depth to your bathroom without having to do any major structural work to your bathroom because of the diffused natural light it brings in from above. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive compared to having to do major structural work.  

Natural Light

Last, but certainly not least. A skylight in your bathroom is a great way to reap all of the benefits natural light has to offer. Whether you want to balance your circadian rhythm for a better night’s sleep or get more vitamin D in your morning routine, installing a skylight in your bathroom diffuses natural light to create a healthy space. 

Design Inspiration 

Need some design ideas for your bathroom? Take a look at how skylights can transform just about any bathroom. 

Here’s a beautiful bathroom renovation with a venting skylight placed above the shower. Not only is this venting skylight great at keeping your bathroom fresh while showering, but it also helps keep the plants alive! 

See how a skylight can work in larger bathrooms by creating space in this amazing minimalist bathroom design. Don’t forget plants!

It’s not just skylights that can help create your dream bathroom. See these Sun Tunnel skylights in action as they transform this shower and vanity. 

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