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Where Should I Place a Skylight?


There are some general rules to think about when deciding where to place a skylight that we will go over in this article. But, for the most part, skylights come in all shapes and sizes offering plenty of design freedom that can meet the needs of just about any space.  

Different Types of Skylights 

Although there are many different types of skylights out there, here are the main ones to think about for your home. Knowing which skylight is which will give you a better understanding of how they can best work in your home. 

  • Fixed Skylight – A fixed skylight is a traditional skylight that does not open or close at all. Typically, these types of skylights can come in various sizes and are ideal for larger rooms with high ceilings and space to work with like a living room or an outdoor living area.
  • Venting Skylight – Powered by electricity or solar energy, a venting skylight can open and close automatically making it a great option for areas that could use fresh air like kitchens or bathrooms. A venting skylight is a versatile product that can be installed just about anywhere in your home.
  • Tubular Skylight – A tubular skylight is a much smaller skylight that channels natural light from your roof using a highly reflective tube. Tubular skylights are great for smaller, hard-to-reach places such as bathrooms, closets, pantries, or hallways. 

Design Tips for Skylights 

Here are some general design ideas to think about when trying to figure out the best placement for a skylight in your home. 

Align the skylights with the windows.

Making sure your skylights are properly aligned with the windows below it is a good way to create symmetry and balance in a room. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but the influx of natural light from above helps draw the eye up creating a sense that the room is larger. 

Offset skylights can create drama.

A classic trick designers use, and for good reason, is to place skylights more sporadically on the ceiling so that they highlight certain features of the room such as a vanity or a kitchen island. This makes for a more modern look, and if done right, can really bring a room to that next level.

Brighten work areas. 

Using a skylight to brighten work areas such as a kitchen range, sink, or desk in a home office can help give a room purpose and make it a more enjoyable place to work in. 

Lean into venting skylights. 

Skylights don’t always have to be aesthetically useful. Venting skylights serve a utility purpose by being able to naturally ventilate rooms with excess moisture like kitchens or bathrooms. Not having to rely on electric fans can help reduce your energy bill at the end of the month as well. 

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