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Which skylight should I buy for my room?


When deciding to buy a skylight, it is important that you choose the right skylight for the right room. Modern skylights have many features and accessories that can complement a room better than others. For example, a fixed skylight with shades would pair better in your kitchen rather than your bathroom. Likewise, a tubular skylight would pair better in your bathroom than in your kitchen. Here are some ideal skylight options for each room of your house:

Kitchen: Venting Skylight

A venting skylight is a great option for your kitchen as it can make your crowded kitchen feel bigger with the natural light it brings in and can vent any cooking odors and humidity.

A venting skylight can be solar or electrically powered and remote or manually controlled. A solar-powered skylight is your best option as it is sustainable and cheaper with a 30% federal solar tax credit.

Be sure to include shades to block out the intense glare and heat for the summer months. It is recommended to install light diffusing shades rather than blackout shades to evenly distribute the natural light in your kitchen.

A tubular skylight is also a great option for illuminating a small part of your kitchen such as your sink or cutting board area.

Bathroom: Venting Skylight or Tubular Skylight

One of the main benefits of a skylight is the fresh air and daylight that it brings while maintaining privacy. With a venting skylight, you can naturally release steam and hot air preventing moisture and unwanted odors from accumulating while keeping that essential privacy in your bathroom.

A tubular skylight fits the aesthetic of a bathroom because it is a smaller, less invasive way of bringing in natural light. Think of one right above your sink to illuminate your bathroom without the use of electricity.

Bedroom: Fixed Skylight with Blackout Shades

Being able to wake up with the sun and stargaze at night is any homeowners dream for an ideal bedroom. Fixed skylights allow you to enjoy the beauty of the sky from your bed without compromising on privacy.

Blackout shades are a great for those wanting a deep sleep during the day as they block out 98% of light.

Bedroom Skylight Upgrade: A venting skylight is ideal for keeping your bedroom fresh by expelling hot hair and unwanted odors.

Hallway or Stairway: Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights are easy to install and designed for smaller spaces. They funnel daylight through a reflective tube, bringing natural light to often dark hallways and staircases.

Living Room: Large Venting Skylight

You want your living room to be an open and inviting space which is exactly what skylights do for your home. Skylights provide the openness for an inviting space. The influx of natural light they bring in compliments the accents and furniture of any living room.

As opposed to a bathroom or hallway, the living room gives you the option to be playful with the type and location of your skylight. You can add accessories such as shades for the hot summer months.

How to Measure for a Skylight

Skylights are designed to bring in natural light, but with that comes heat and cold. Skylights that are too big can make a room hotter than it needs to be while skylights that are too small can do a poor job of naturally heating your home in the winter months. Here is how to properly measure for a skylight in your home.

  • Measure the width of the room by its length to get you the total square footage of the room.
  • If the room has many windows, multiply the square footage of the room by .05 and if the room does not have many windows multiply the square footage by .15. The final number is the approximate square footage your skylight should be.

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