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Skylight Ideas and Inspiration: Patio


A porch or sunroom is probably the last place you’d think to install a skylight. After all, it’s likely already the sunniest spot in your home – what more could a skylight do? Turns out, quite a bit! These days, skylights do more than just provide access to daylight. They offer a host of benefits to help greenify your entire home!

In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of having a skylight in your outdoor living space and some design ideas of how a skylight can work in your patio or sunroom. 

Benefits of Skylights in Your Covered Outdoor Space 

Even more sun

As the old saying goes, there is no such thing as too much natural light. Skylights in your porch or sunroom can bring in even more natural light to create a luminous oasis in your own home.

Keeps things cool 

Skylights open and close to release hot air that gets trapped at the top of your ceiling making your covered outdoor space feel fresh and cooler in those hot summer months. 

Light Control 

With a shade, you control how much light you want in your sunroom at the touch of a button. 

Borrowed Light 

When you install a skylight in your outdoor living space, you add natural light to everything below and everything around the skylight. Borrowed light gets spilled into the rooms that are adjacent to it as well. 


As you will see later in this article, a skylight is a unique design piece that works great in any covered outdoor space. A skylight discreetly brings in natural light to compliment everything under it. 

What is the Most Popular Skylight for Covered Outdoor Spaces

A venting skylight is the best option for your porch or sunroom because it can open and close to keep your space cool in the hot summer months. 

Design Inspiration for Your Outdoor Living Space

Need some design ideas for your porch or sunroom? Take a look at how skylights can work to transform any outdoor living space. 

See how these four skylights naturally brighten the grey hardwood and green shiplap in this beautiful patio. 

Notice the impact direct natural light from above has on this porch design from the 2018 Sunset Idea Show Home

Don’t forget about plants! Skylights are a great way to get direct sunlight to all of your plants around the house. Like this outdoor living space? Check out designers @justinablakeney and @thejungalow for more!

Take a look at this amazing outdoor patio with a venting skylight right above the grill.

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