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Can skylights have tinted glass?


Yes, there are several options for tinting your skylight glass. Skylights are great at bringing natural light into your home, but too much sunlight can cause your furniture to fade or affect your energy cost. Luckily there are viable options for keeping the sun at bay in the hot summer months.


Shades and blinds are the easiest and most aesthetic way of protecting your home from the heat brought by the sun. Skylight brands offer many kinds of shades that fit effortlessly on your skylight and can even completely block out the sun. You can have your skylight installed with shades or add shades to it later.

You can add shades or blinds to your skylight by reaching out to your installer or buying and installing them yourself from an authorized dealer such as Home Depot, Lowes, or Amazon.

Window Film

Tinting skylight glass with window film is like tinting any other residential or car window. A window film that is applied directly on the skylight can block out 99% of UVA and UVB rays, up to 63% of the sun’s heat, and up to 62% of the sun’s glare.

Tinting your skylight using window film can be installed by reaching out to a company that specializes in window tinting or one that specializes in skylight window tinting. Some skylights can also be installed with specially tinted glass to help prevent heat gain or glare.

Different Types of Glass Used in Skylights

Skylight brands do a great job of making sure their glass is safe, strong and will last for years. More glass options are also available now than have been for past generation skylights. Now, skylights can be built with impact glass (strong glass ideal for areas prone to severe weather), laminated glass (for light diffusion), as well as snow-load and tempered glass for more secure installations.

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