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Fresh air

Venting skylights: skylights that open


Venting skylights are a great addition for your home as they provide natural light and fresh air, keeping your home healthy and preventing overheating in the warm summer months.

To prevent build-up of airborne dust, debris, and toxins, your home should be thoroughly aired out at least three times a day. This can typically be done after sleeping, cooking, showering, drying your sports clothes, or cleaning. These airings should be short and frequent and are very effective if you make use of the stack effect by opening skylights and windows at the same time.

Warm air is lighter than cold air and rises, then gets trapped by your ceiling. When you open a venting skylight at the same time as your vertical windows, the warm air trapped here leaves your home through the skylight and is replaced by fresh air through the windows. Even in cold months, frequent airings are very important for maintaining a healthy home.

Benefits of Ventilation

Decreases Moisture and Condensation

A skylight in your kitchen or bathroom can help boost the overall aesthetic while contributing to a healthier indoor-air environment. Venting skylights come with electric and solar venting options to increase airflow by expelling any excess moisture and harmful air pollutants caused by cooking or showering.

Reduces Energy Costs

Venting skylights can help you save money on your energy bill by expelling the hot air in your home. This means your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard to cool your home,

Increases Natural Light

Research shows natural light improves our health, from promoting a sense of well-being to synchronizing our circadian rhythms so we get a better night’s sleep. Installing a skylight in your home can help you reap those benefits. Sunlight from a skylight is diffuse, creating a soothing atmosphere in your home.

Reduces Lingering Scents

Removing scents is about more than comfort. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cautions that many items used in your home such as aerosols, air fresheners, and cleaning products contribute to indoor pollution. And with many people spending as much as 90% of their time indoors, air quality is a top health concern. Vented skylights circulate air and release pollutants and smells.

Maintains Privacy

Installing a traditional window in a private space like a bathroom often results in compromise. You will end up adding blinds or shades that stay closed, negating the window’s purpose. Or you may keep the window coverings open and towel off in the one corner of the room your neighbors can’t see. Regardless, it’s not an ideal situation. With a venting skylight, you get all the natural light and soft breezes without worrying about privacy.

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