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High-Level Installation Questions

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How to install a skylight

A skylight installation can be broken down into two parts: roofing and interior. The rooftop...
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What size skylight do I need?

When trying to figure out the best size skylight, it’s best to reach out to...
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Where to buy skylights

Different Ways to Buy a Skylight Through a Roofer or Skylight Installer  Choosing to work...
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Who sells skylights?

Using an installer for your skylight purchase is the most common and for good reason. Skylights...
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Which skylight should I buy for my room?

Kitchen: Venting Skylight A venting skylight is a great option for your kitchen as it...
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Do skylights leak?

So why do skylights still have a leaky reputation? In the 1970s and 80s, these...
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