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Bathroom Renovation Foster

In the end it was done on time, on budget and the results were fantastic.  So, it was an absolute home run and completely stress free.

Nick and Tara
Small Bathroom Remodel in Los Gatos
Happy homeowners in Los Gatos bathroom renovation

Instead of having to read a blueprint to figure out what it was going to look like you instantly had a picture of what it was going to look like.  And frankly, when the bathroom got built, it looked just like the pictures.

Marge and Paul
Bathroom Remodel in Burlingame
Happy homeowners in burlingame bathroom renovation

I knew in advance what was going to cost and what it was going to look like, so there were no surprises.  Skylight was good at taking the stress out of a lot of things like choosing materials and choosing contractors.

Full Kitchen Remodel in San Jose
Happy homeowner in Kitchen Remodel in San Jose

Skylight exceeded our expectations at the start, especially with the design phase. I’d say that the design that we received in terms of the initial renders, and the whole process of quoting and getting to a final budget, was much smoother than I thought it would be.

Brad and Britt
Kitchen + 2 Bath Remodel in San Francisco
Homeowner Kitchen Renovation San Francisco

Skylight reduced the mental burden just by communicating so well with the construction crew. It really was a blessing to have the project management element there. That part worked out beautifully.

Mike and Anne
Kitchen + 2 Bath + Living Room Remodel in San Francisco
Homeowner Kitchen Renovation San Francisco

It changed my views on construction and home renovation projects. I think construction and home repairs is really, generally, a painful process and this was the most painless that we have experienced.

Mark and Jenny
Bathroom Remodel in South San Francisco
Homeowner Bathroom Renovation South San Francisco

I felt like I had a voice, I had a participation but I didn’t have to get sucked into some hole of materials, possibilities and schedules.

Bathroom Remodel in Daly City
Bathroom Renovation Daly City

I was really impressed by the lack of push back that I got from Skylight when there were issues. Whenever something came up, Skylight was very accommodating in terms of fixing them and making sure they were taken care of.

Two Bathroom Remodels in San Francisco
Bathroom Renovation San Francisco

The biggest advantage that we got was starting to look at the renders and that’s when things in our heads started materializing more and more which I think was key to this entire project.

Bathroom Remodel in San Francisco
Bathroom Remodel San Francisco

Construction was very smooth, and the entire project — including a really easy payment process — was managed via their website. I had a great experience and would recommend talking with Skylight about your next renovation project.

Chabba K
Renovation on staircase and walkway

This is a great service.  We were looking for someone to help us build a new kitchen and redesign our entryway. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted, but Skylight came out to our home, discussed our ideas with us, and came back with multiple design concepts for us to consider. We’d highly recommend this service to anyone looking to re-design their home.

Johnathan A
Kitchen and entryway renovation

Very good at planning and budgeting in advance. Took away the stress of finding and hiring contractors. I am very pleased with the results.

Sandra S
Kitchen renovation in San Jose

The planning part was great. They have really good designers and their software really helps you visualize how the kitchen will look. You can also change the look around to make sure you are happy with the design.

Laura G
Kitchen renovation in San Jose

I met with Skylight to discuss renovating my bathroom. The process was well organized and I thought their use of technology was awesome. Their price was competitive compared to other general contractors’ bids.

Kathryn B
Small bathroom renovation in Oakland

I needed to renovate my condo in San Francisco after it was damaged by a leak from another unit. Skylight came in, discussed the project with me and gave me a price right away. They walked me through the process and helped me work with my insurance company. The online portal was great for working on visualizations, organizing the project, and working through the design. I really enjoyed working with the company.

Naveen P
Kitchen and bathroom renovation in San Francisco

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