Renovation Management

Renovation Management

We plan everything for a successful renovation.

Skylight Renovation Manager showing bathroom renovation

Renovation Managers

Each project is assigned a dedicated renovation manager to take care of every last project detail and keep everything running smoothly.

Skylight Renovation Managers

Your personal Renovation Manager is there to help you through every aspect of your project – from design to construction. Your Renovation Manager works with Skylight designers, materials specialists, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers and builders to ensure that everything is planned for a seamless construction experience. In particular, your Renovation Manager is focused on ensuring that your renovation plan is exactly right for you, and that your experience is worry free.


Pre-construction planning

We plan every last detail before construction begins.

Structural issues

Identify structural issues and establish a structural engineering plan when necessary.


Identify ventilation requirements and establish a mechanical plan when necessary.


Create permit plan set ready for submission.

Homeowner associations

Identify requirements and essential coordination and documentation.

Materials ordering and logistics

Detailed materials list with planned sourcing.

Contractor matching

Bid assessment and contractor selection for the perfect match for your project.

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