Getting the price right, up front

We comprehensively assess your home and give you one price for your entire project.

All-In Pricing

Always planning ahead

We are best in class at identifying what is required to get your renovation done right. You’ll see comprehensive price quotes, before construction starts.

  • Skylight price includes
  • Dedicated designer
  • 3D design renders
  • All finish materials
  • Permitting
  • HOA submissions
  • Construction labor
  • Construction materials
  • Quality assurance

Our Pricing Difference

See how we compare

Unlike other general contractor quotes you see, the Skylight price includes everything.

Skylight Price
Traditional Contractor Estimate
Comprehensive price prior to construction, with clarity on what is and isn’t included
Traditional Contractor only provides price estimate
Permits and materials
Often excluded
Structural engineering
Often excluded
Structural issues
Skylight anticipates most issues, addresses any surprises at cost
Price increases if structural issues identified, contractor profits
Materials mark-up
All discounts passed to homeowner
Hidden markups on materials
Code issues and city inspections
Skylight anticipates most issues, addresses any surprises at cost
Homeowner pays for impact from adverse findings, contractor profits
Unforeseen site conditions
Skylight addresses unforeseeable issues at cost
Excluded, contractor prices new scope with a mark-up
Issues with design

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