When can we start construction?

It’s tempting to want to start construction of your kitchen or bathroom renovation right away. But, as the old adage goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That’s why Skylight has crafted an efficient and systematic system to help guide you towards a final design that will not only look great, but ensure a smooth construction experience.

So, what does this system look like and how can you do your part to ensure that construction can start as soon as possible with a smooth experience?

Your Renovation Hub project dashboard features a series of dialog boxes that mark key design milestones to help you stay on track. This section of your Project Dashboard is referred to as your Project Tracker.

Renovation Hub project tracker

Your Project Tracker will show you your current progress towards construction, providing you with a deadline to complete your current milestone to maintain your project schedule.

Renovation Hub project tracker

Although various factors affect how early construction can start, including permitting and HOA approval, there are two major milestones that you can influence to keep your project on track. These are included in your Project Tracker as:

  1. Finalize Layout and Long Lead Materials
  2. Client Sign-off on Full Design and Materials

The first milestone, ‘Finalize Layout and Long Lead Materials’, is a prerequisite for the rest of your design. Working with your Renovation Manager, Skylight’s design team will continue to provide you sketches of your proposed floor plan until you are happy with the final plan.

Once your floor plan has been finalized, your Renovation Manager will work with you to order any long lead materials. Long lead materials refers to materials that are not readily available and must be purchased well in advance of your construction start to ensure an efficient construction experience. This typically includes custom cabinetry, custom vanities and special order tiles.

It is important for you to confirm your floor plan and custom cabinetry design as soon as possible.

The second major design milestone is selecting your remaining materials and finalizing your design preferences. This milestone requires that all materials displaying on your Materials page have a selection.

Renovation Hub floor plan

Renovation Hub floor plan

Once your materials selections are complete, our construction and design team will perform a quality review of all selections to ensure that all materials selected will work great together. Your Renovation Manager will then reach out to you to confirm your design with final renders.

Once we receive your final confirmation, your design is now complete!

Great, so can we start construction on Monday then?

Not quite. By finalizing your design, our construction team can now prepare for construction by ensuring that all of the logistical details that need to be addressed are completed. This includes: securing a permit (the permit office requires a lengthy review process for certain projects), completing construction drawings. organizing crews, ordering materials, and many other logistical details that must be coordinated well in advance of construction.

So when exactly will construction start?

During the design phases of your project, your Renovation Manager would have shared a broad range for construction start expressed as the earlier or later half of a month (e.x. Late January). As soon as the construction team enters Construction Preparation, your Renovation Manager will update you with an exact construction week. This week becomes a specific date and time the week before construction.

In the end, preparing for construction is a lengthy process that involves various volatile factors. By working with Skylight and quickly responding to your Renovation Manager, we can work together to start construction as soon as possible while ensuring the best possible construction experience!