How is the construction process monitored?

Floor plan construction process monitored

The Skylight construction monitoring process is frequent and rigorous to identify potential issues before they happen.

Regular Updates

Your Renovation Manager is in constant communication with the construction team ensuring that everything is progressing smoothly. Our team will provide you with regular updates through the construction tracker available on the Renovation Hub as well as dedicated SMS channels for your project

Quality Standards

We guarantee the quality of your renovation against specific standards for each aspect of construction. Skylight has specific, published standards for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installation, drywall quality, cabinetry installation, tiling, painting and fine carpentry.

We conduct a detailed quality audit at each stage of the construction process, including demolition, framing, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), drywall and finishing installation. The Skylight final quality audit includes a forty-point evaluation of every aspect of the final renovation product, right down to the detail of your grout lines, the smoothness of your sink tap motion, and the detailing on your trim. If there are any issues short of everything being exactly right, we’ll fix them with no cost and no hassle for you.